Roof Maintenance in South Haven,MS

Roof replacement is often a costly and time consuming process home improvement project that most home and business owners would prefer to put off as long as possible. Maximize the performance of your existing roof and minimize unnecessary roof restoration repairs with a full range of licensed roof maintenance from the roofing specialists at Memphis Roofing in South Haven,MS.

Start With Certified Roof Inspection

As a reputable roofing contractor in South Haven,MS, Memphis Roofing recommends a licensed roof inspection to tackle roof repairs before they become hazardous and expensive. Our skilled team of roofers carefully evaluate each roof component and provide detailed written reports and price estimates for any required roof maintenance work.

The professional roofers at Memphis Roofing advise home and business owners in South Haven,MS to have their roof checked regularly and to stop potential roof problems early that may include the following:

Roof Leaks – Leaks can go undetected for quite a while before damage to interior walls becomes noticeable. Stains and discoloration on the walls often signal a potential roof problem. Unfortunately many roof leaks can be attributed to poor installation and lack of routine roof maintenance. Don’t let moisture damage on your evolve into mold that results in health hazards for a family or employees. Memphis Roofing roof maintenance and repair technicians check shingle nails and flashings during a visual inspection at your home or business in South Haven,MS.

Soffit Damage - The wood, metal or vinyl board underneath the eave that fills the space between the siding and the roof itself is called the soffit. Designed with ventilation holes that allow air to freely move through to your attic and prevent overheating of roof shingles, soffits can become water damaged if gutters are not regularly resulting in rotting fascia and the soffits themselves. Needless to say this poses a significant problem to the entire structural integrity of your property in South Haven,MS. Look for signs of splintered or rotting wood or corroded metal in the soffit area and contact Memphis Roofing for immediate assistance.

Problems With Roof Shingles – The easiest roof problem to spot visually, damage to roof shingles are easily identified when shingles buckle, are curled or some are missing entirely. Made of a variety of materials including wood, slate, clay and asphalt, roof shingles get the brunt of the harshest weather and must be regularly repaired to avoid premature roof replacement. Check for asphalt granules in the water flowing from the downspout that indicate deterioration with asphalt shingles or visually inspect the roof for any rips tears and indentations. Better yet, contact the licensed and experienced Memphis Roofing roof inspection team for your own safety and comfort.

Damage to Roof Fascia – The fascia board keeps gutters secure and protects your roof from water damage and adds to overall curb appeal by creating a smooth finished appearance along the roof edge of your commercial or residential property in South Haven,MS. Whether made of vinyl, aluminum or plastic, the fascia must be well maintained to ensure that water does not penetrate beneath the board from faulty shingle placement, freezing ice, or clogged gutters.

Call Memphis Roofing to schedule a licensed inspection to protect your roof from these and other roof problems today.